I started my business on my 24th birthday in September of 1994. After graduating with a degree in French and marketing, I was dividing my days between an international trade internship and working at a flower shop. I soon realized that I dreaded the days at the internship and loved my days at the flower shop. I moved quickly and naturally from sales help to floral designer with a particular talent for creating romantic and gorgeous designs used for wedding flowers. I loved meeting with brides, finding out about their visions for their day and translating those visions into real life.

I started out in a cute little shop in downtown Plymouth – I just loved my shop! But, as life moved forward, I married the love of my life and had two wonderful boys. Running back and forth between my shop and home for naps just wasn’t working…so, I made the leap and moved out of my shop and decided to work from my home.

I have now been working out of my home since 1999 and it was the best decision I could have made! I love having a schedule that no longer includes doing 4 or 5 weddings each weekend. It allows me to focus on my family, as well as give extra special attention to each wedding order. Please contact me about how I can make your wedding special.